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Mosaic : Gee’s Bend and Greg Lauren, is a collaboration between 14 quilters from Gee's Bend and Greg Lauren, celebrating the ingenious artwork by the women of this community. 

This project is close to my heart, as I have been immersed in the love of quilts for many many years. It became clear long ago that much of that comes from the inspiring, often under acknowledged work of those that create the quilts by hand, particularly those women of Gee’s Bend, in Boykin, Alabama.

Through partnerships with the brilliant teams of Build A Nest and Souls Grown Deep Foundation, formed in the middle of last year, many individuals have worked tirelessly with guidance from our friends Tabitha St Bernard-Jacobs, George Macpherson, and Jonathan Michael Square to develop something that has been a true collaboration at every step of the process since its inception.

A collection of 96 garments are now on sale at Bergdorf Goodman, created from 276 panels , designed and sewn by hand by the women listed below, that were themselves created from an archive of scraps and remnants from 10 years of being in business - a result of our no scrap goes unused policy . 

The team at  Bergdorf Goodman allowed for us to build a space that houses not only the collection but an insight in to the partnership as a whole.

Each of the 14 women at Gee’s Bend were compensated for the work on each panel, as well as 100% of the proceeds of each garment , going directly back to the community - which we hope to allow both a model for other brands to work with the artisans in such a way, and further still to meaningfully contribute to the communities continued existence . 

The creative brilliance of Yashua Simmons and Menelik Puryear brought this collection to life in a series of stunning images alongside portraits by Stacey Allen.

The biggest thank you to the incredible women of Gee’s Bend ; each listed here 

Quilted Panels by: Cassandra Hall, Doris Mosely, Katie Pettway, Lue McCloud, Mary Margaret Pettway, Kristin Pettway, Minnie Pettway, Priscilla Hudson, Stella Pettway, Claudia Charley, Emma Pettway, Pleasant Scott, Sharon Williams, Tinnie Pettway


MOSAIC: Gee's Bend & Greg Lauren Lookbook

Photos By: Menelik Puryear

Styled By: Yashua Simmons

Experience MOSAIC: Gee's Bend x Greg Lauren installation at Bergdorf Goodman through November 8th.

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Gee's Bend - Souls Grown Deep Foundation

Build A Nest

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MOSAIC: Gee's Bend x Greg Lauren