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When I first started using vintage materials, I fell so in love with the beauty of every piece, I wouldn't throw away any scrap. I'd see a scrap and think "that'd make a great collar, or pocket flap".... a small scrap with a distressed grommet, or snap would always find a way into the next garment...

 The challenge began when we couldn't fit any more bins of scraps in the 11'x20' storage unit we rented to store them... and then the next one, and next one. The GL SCRAPS Initiative started when I realized I needed to use these scraps, and not just collect them.

 From the beginning, more than half of every collection has been produced from repurposed fabrics, and now the scraps from those garment have been turned into new ones. 

The US army shelter half or “army tent” has been a cornerstone of my collection since its inception in 2011. Since then, we have used in excess of 8000 tents. The scraps from the wastage, that would’ve otherwise been directed to landfill, were given to local quilters in Los Angeles to create yardage that we refer to as Greg Lauren SCRAPWORK.

1 bag of scraps (40 lbs) creates 13 yards of SCRAPWORK. Approximately 6 yards (18.48 lbs) of SCRAPWORK was used to make the suit below. Any wastage is recollected again for future use.


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We’re available by email and phone,
Monday - Friday from 9 am - 4 pm PST.

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